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Kitchen Appliances Hacks To Embrace
The demand for kitchen appliances has risen. Read on to know kitchen appliances hacks that you need to try.
To make grilled cheese, you can use a toaster. It is not an easy DIY hack. It is possible by tipping it gently on the side. Place cheese on pieces on bread and put it on top of the toaster. Push the lever down and stand by. Unplug the toaster when the grilled cheese is ready.
Ice cube trays are ideal for making ice cream. Pour ice cream base into the tray. Place it in a freezer and wait until it becomes ice cream. Take the cubes and put them in a food processor or blender. Have fun taking your ice cream.
Use a dishwasher to cook salmon or lobster. Take the salmon and mix it with other ingredients like butter, lemon wedge, spice and butter. Use a tight foil to wrap them up tightly. For lobster, cover it with butter and put it in a mason jar. Use the normal washing cycle and exclude use of soap. Your lobster or salmon will be ready after the end of the dishwashing cycle.
Toppings can be crushed using a pepper grinder. Fill a pepper grinder with toppings such as Oreo cookies or Doritos and grind it. The end result will be sprinkles that can be used on cupcake or ice cream.
Coffee grinders are also used to grind spices. You can mix spices of different types. Roast whole spices such as cardamom, cumin and anise first. As for harder spices like peppercorn consider using a blade that is sharp. On the other hand, fine and tiny seeds like poppy or celery seeds, ensure the blade is close to the bottom of the grinder. Grind the spices until they become powder.
A waffle maker can be used to make crisp hash browns. Grate large potatoes and spread them on a preheated waffle iron. Press the iron down when the wall furnace gets hot and wait for the potatoes to turn crispy and golden.
Shred up meat using a mixer bowl. The meat should be cooked. Choose either boneless chicken, roast beef or turkey. Place the cooked meat in a mixer bowl and set it low. After about 10 seconds, the meat will be ready to go. However, if you intend to add the shredded meat to casseroles or soups, the meat needs to spin for a few more seconds.
A sodastream is ideal for making sparkling wine. Mix the ingredients like liquor, wine, syrup, water and fruit juice.Make fruit sodas and cocktails using sodastream. You can use a popcorn machine to toast hrbs. Also, use it to dry herbs.
Make tempura flour using your coffee grinder. Put a bunch of rice in the grinder. Grind it up into fine flour.

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